Hydrotherapy is a treatment of warm water and hydrojets. The hydrojets create a whirlpool pushing a current of warm water which acts as a gentle massage increasing blood flow to the skin and muscles and easing stiffness. Improved circulation brings more oxygen, nutrients, and elements of the immune system to the body's cells. It helps remove waste products, increase blood flow, and can reduce blood pressure. It assists cardiovascular activity helping many common canine ailments.

The bouyancy of the water supports the body reducing weight, and relieving pressure on the joints and muscles creating relaxation. This allows the healing process to take place. Gradually building up as with any physiotherapy the dog will gain strength and improve.

Hydrotherapy can be used in the treatment of arthritis, orthopaedic conditions, muscle, ligament and many other types of injury. It can also help with general convalescence, obesity and fitness training.

It's particular value comes about because of the effects of the warmth and pressure of the water, and the buoyancy provided. Some of the main benefits afforded by hydrotherapy treatment are :-

 Relief of pain, swelling & stiffness
 Promotion of relaxation
 Joint mobilisation
 Muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration
 Increase in the range of motion of affected joints
 Improved circulation
 Cardiovascular fitness (heart & lungs)

Mascotts hydrotherapy pool has been custom designed and built by Westcoast Products, who have over 15 year's experience in canine pools. The pool measures 11 feet in length, 8 feet in width and has a constant depth of 4 feet and 6 inches.

The pool is equipped with  2 anti-swim jets, which are adjustable for both flow rate and direction. Underwater lighting has also been fitted to assist in observing limb movement.

The water is heated to 27°C and kept clean by a high rate sand filter and surface mounted skimmers. Bacteria is taken care of by use of an Ozonator and a Salt Water Chlorinator.
Gracie a two and a half year old wolfhound
entering the pool via the ramp

To ensure that the chemical and pH balance of the pool are maintained at the correct levels, tests are conducted several times a day using a photometer.

Entry & exit are provided by gentle ramps and electrically powered hoist

The hydro spa has been designed and built with multiple compartments to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Heated to 40°C, the massaging effects of the spa water can be most beneficial before and after sessions in the hydrotherapy pool or water walker. A session in the hydro spa will warm and relax muscles,  warm joint and other injured areas, stimulate and increase blood circulation and relax the dog in general terms.
The warm & soothing effect of a Hydro spa session can be useful on its own and can assist in mobility and aid arthritis suffers. 
Jolie a three year old greyhound enjoying
a session in the spa before a show

The underwater treadmill has variable speed control, and the depth of the water, which is heated, can be quickly and accurately adjusted.

The ability to vary the depth of the water obviously allows us to cater for dogs of differing sizes. However, its major benefit is that it allows us to increase or decrease the water resistance that the dog is walking against, or the amount of the dog's weight which is being borne by its limbs.

Sessions in the water walker are useful for dogs recovering from surgery and many types of injury, and can also help with arthritis, obesity and general fitness training.

In addition to a ramp for entry and exit of the pool, an electrically powered hoist is available to gently lift your dog into and out of the hydrotherapy pool and hydro spa.

Secure in a specially designed sling the dog is carefully lifted up and across to the pool or spa, where it is then gently lowered into the water. Whilst particularly beneficial in the handling of severely disabled dogs, it can be less stressful for dogs reticent to enter the water.
Catherine is introduced to the water walker

The slings are manufactured in a strong mesh fabric allowing the water to pass through, and are tested to 140 Kg.

Mascotts hydrotherapy provide both shower and drying facilities.

If your dog is dirty on arrival, or if you would prefer to rinse him or her after a therapy session, then our warm water shower is available for your use.
Gracie enjoys a shower

Whether or not you use our shower facility, towel drying can be supplemented by use of our drying room, which is fitted with a hand held electric dryer.
And a quick blow dry!

Mascotts hydrotherapy sessions are by appointment only and all clients are required to register. The process is very simple, so if you would like your dog to benefit from our facilities just follow these steps:-

1. Fully read our terms & conditions.
2. Contact us to discuss your dog's requirements, our charges, and to make your initial appointment.
3. Complete our registration form, ensuring that you get your vet to complete and sign the relevant section, as we cannot accept your registration without it.
4. Bring the completed registration form and your dog's vaccination record along with you when you attend your initial appointment.

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